Laboratory Equipment and Facilities

Soil Health and Carbon/Nitrogen Cycling

Carbon and nitrogen analyzer for total and organic carbon analysis

Setup for particulate and mineral associated carbon and nitrogen analysis 

Timberline flow injection analyzer for inorganic and labile organic nitrogen analysis

Li-COR 820 for mineralizable carbon, 24-hr CO2-C or 72-hr CO2-C mineralization

Microbial biomass by fumigation incubation, and microbial metabolic quotient estimation

 Soil pH and electrical conductivity probes

Soil bulk density and compaction (field)

Soil water dynamics (field) and moisture content (lab)

Greenhouse gas (CO2 and N2O) emissions

Soil aggregate size distribution and aggregate associate carbon and nitrogen

Wet aggregate stability

Full set for field sampling (surface and deep core sampling)

Full set for basic agronomy research (yield and yield components)